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IEP Meeting

Although the IEP meeting is expected to be just an annual meeting, the truth is, the parent can call an IEP every month if they wish. This bears repeating, the parent can demand up to nine IEP meetings a year if they wish, and the district must grant them. The parent has a right to have all teachers at the meeting, and the parent has the right to discuss and deliberate any relevant subject they choose. These are powerful tools that parents can use to make sure their voices are heard.

When we help facilitate the IEP meeting we make sure the parent’s voice is heard the first time. The parents can participate as little or as much as they wish. We are always at the ready to legally represent the parents and/or their child and focus the district on the parent’s interests—not just the district’s.

Most of the time, parent’s issues include: Incomplete or inappropriately conducted assessments, confusion over poorly written goals, or inadequate supports and services. However, it is just as likely that the parent’s issues will concentrate on the district’s inability to follow the IEP and implement its provisions. Of recent date, bullying and harassment of disabled children has emerged as a new issue, especially within the context of Special Day Classes.

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.” ~ George Evens

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